Wright Geo 6x6
The Nightscaping® Estate Series 6×6 Wright GEO light bollard design, is based on a Frank Lloyd Wright, stained glass design of three panels in the Avery Coonley Playhouse in Riverside, IL. Composed of brightly colored geometric motifs, these windows suggest...
from $696.42
St. James 6x6
The Nightscaping® Estate Series 6×6 St. James design is reminiscent of the formal Knot and Parterre garden designs of the English Elizabethan and French provincial era. These gardens were dominated by evergreen hedges shaped in precise geometric patterns, and then...
from $696.42
Mission 6x6
The Nightscaping® Estate Series 6×6 Mission design light bollard recalls the old-world days when lanterns were an everyday item. Though primarily used to prevent a burning candle or wick being extinguished from wind or rain, another important function was to...
from $696.42
Grove 6x6
The Nightscaping® Estate Series 6×6 Grove design bollard draws its inspiration from the elegant and beautiful aspen grove trees which grow naturally in the mountains and gardens of the Western United States. Older than the massive Sequoias or the biblical...
from $696.42
Spiral 6x6
The Nightscaping® Estate Series 6×6 Spiral design echoes the whimsical pictograph forms of the desert Southwest. Native Americans in the west viewed life as a spiral. The Spiral is known as an ancient symbol of evolution. One of the oldest...
from $696.42
Ivy 6x6
The Nightscaping® Estate Series 6×6 Ivy design light bollard is inspired by the many various forms of vines and climbing plants from across the world. The climbing vines of the Ivy design appear to be almost clamoring up the side...
from $696.42
Diamond 6x6
The Nightscaping® Estate Series 6×6 Diamond design bollard was created by one of Nightscaping’s top designers after his trip to visit the University of Sheffield where he fell in love with the modern geometric shapes of the Faculty of Engineering...
from $696.42
Celtic 6x6
The Nightscaping® Garden Series 6 x 6 Celtic design bollards draw inspiration from the many Celtic and Moorish designs that were weaved into fabric and textiles from that early era.  The Celtic design displays the archetypical circle and cross pattern in...
from $696.42
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